Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The unmolested truth!

Below you'll find the comments section from my latest fan, infidel & kafir watch. The post will undoubtedly be twisted by the blogs creator.

This is the topic du Jour taken from the post I commented at the infidel & kafir watch blog. After posting my comment, I copied them before he goes ahead and changes them to reflect an acceptance of his rhetoric and the islamic tenets.

I find this so amazing. I've never had a comment deleted let alone, changed by the blog curator. If you have some time to kill, take a minute and look at his site. You'll get a glimpse of mindset of those evil monsters whose endeavor was to wreak terror and havoc in the United Kingdom.

1. Ahmed Ismail - July 2, 2007
Zionists are the source of all these atrocities committed against innocents in the Arab world. They`re not gonna rest till they get their so-called Promised Land. And believe me, even if they get that land, it won`t be enough for them. But what I know is that they will never get what they want.
2. infidelkafirwatch - July 2, 2007
They think they are the best of planners, but for sure Allah (swt) is the best planner of all.
3. janice - July 3, 2007
muslims dwell in being the “perpetual victim” never trying to advance themselves. Violence and evil is inbreed in the islamic world. Building the ummah though violence and destruction.
Go ahead and twist the word like you’ve done in the past.


Mary Ellen said...

Hi Janice

I just found your blog from mojo risn coming to my blog...I checked his out and there you were!

I can't believe that site, infidel & kafir watch, you linked to! Like you, I've never heard of anyone changing the words of a comment before, that's just crazy! I'll be checking that out from time to time. It will make for some interesting posts on my blog.

See ya later...

janice said...

Yes, I was in awe of what happened. I've never deleted, much less, altered a comment here on my blog. I enjoy debate even when it gets loud.

But what's more disturbing is the content of his site.

I spent 2 hours there going through the videos and archives and I saw what those in the UK are living with, if he in fact represents the normal muslim.

It's very scary to think people are so entrenched in conspiracy they're blinded to the truth. He even challenged me on the age of our country, saying we'd only been a nation for 80 years not 231 as of today.

Thanks for stopping by Mary Ellen, have a great 4th of July!