Monday, July 23, 2007

CAIR continues to rattle the islamic cage

The CAIR whine-o-gram arrived in my inbox around 7am. As usual, I perused the headlines, looking for an issue to which I can opine. Most emails, at first glance, appear to to be chuck full of oppression, abuses and racism. If the media headlines are balanced it will be replaced to incite, what CAIR sees, as the truth behind the report. Most times a news item will be listed 2,3 or 4 times (from different news outlets) in the same whine-o-gram and to the untrained eye it gives the impression there really is an assault on the muslim community in America. Many times the article headline will be changed ever so slightly by CAIR, in their whine-o-gram, to further inflate the issue.

One such news item I've been watching is the federal complaint filed (with CAIRs help) against Swift & Company on behalf of muslim Somali workers at the plant in Nebraska. The complaint alleges verbal and physical harassment, by supervisors and coworkers, over the "right" to leave the production line for sunset prayers.

In May 120 muslim employees quit because they were not allowed to take a break and complete the obligatory sunset prayer. Pointing out others were given permission to use the bathroom or smoke as examples of religious discrimination. The company explains that unscheduled breaks are not the norm and those who routinely ask for breaks are reprimanded. 70 of those returned to work the next week.

The company not only has to deal with the muslim "victim hood" environment instilled by special interest groups, but the union as well. The union seems, in this case to be perplexed on how to approach the issue. Its not their typical grievance to say the least. I've seen unions at work, pandering to the workforce, cultivating an atmosphere of an "us against them" mindset and blatant entitlement attitude. The local union president admits an inability solve this dilemma, saying he had not heard of many Somali workers being fired or harassed since May. Prayer breaks are not in the contract, he said, but he hopes to revisit the issue in negotiations in 2010.

One of the victims leading the charge had this to say; "I would never forgive myself and God would not forgive me if I do not pray on time because I want to earn some money," His god would not forgive him.......interesting.

Donald Selzer, Swift & Co. attorney, explained basis surrounding the firing; "These people are absolutely entitled to pray, and they should not be interfered with for doing so. But on the other hand, the only situations that I've been made aware of are people that walk off the job without permission, and that's a different kind of an issue." Kind of sums it up right there.

I have a feeling the union is all to happy to let Swift handle this, maybe by 2010 when contract negotiations begin, one of the problems will be gone.


Malott said...

Reason #47 - why not to hire Muslims.

SkyePuppy said...


It's not so much a reason not to hire Muslims, but a reason for Muslims to be up-front about what they require on a job (a 15 minute break at 5pm or whenever).

I used to work with someone who was Seventh Day Adventist, and she told them her religion didn't allow her to work Saturdays, so she was never on call on Saturdays (it annoyed some of her co-workers, but people get annoyed for a lot of things).

If you tell a company what you need, and they won't accomodate it, then you can decide if you'll take the job. But to spring requirements on a company after you've started working there--and then blame them when they won't change for you--is unfair.

Malott said...


You're right. I was caught-up in the moment.

janice said...

You are so right Skye, but what I could gather from earlier whine-o-grams that was not the case.

MeThinks Swift & Co. may have been set up.

I also find it odd these same muslims have no problem dealing with pork products, humm....

Maynard said...