Monday, July 02, 2007

islamic jihad, it's not a "bumper sticker" war either

The UK terror activities this past weekend should be a sobering wake-up call to America and the west. Is there any doubt these islamic death cult followers mean what they say and say what they mean? We've been warned for decades of their ultimate goal and watch in horror each time their threats come to fruition. Still there are those who continue to stick their head in the sand and refuse to see the evil living among us. Drawing a moral equivalence between religions, ever mindful not to insult anyone.

Media coverage of the events in London is so politically correct and bias. I knew immediately these acts were perpetrated by members of the religion of peace. Once the names were released the MSM refused to link them to radical islam. While flames shot from the body of the Jeep jihadi at Glasgow airport, witnesses heard the red hot radical shouting allah al Akbar. Identifying the suspects and linking them by religion isn’t racist its reality (islam isn’t a race but don't tell CAIR that). They themselves proudly admit to committing these murderous, evil deeds in allah’s name.

Taking the enemy at their word seems to be the best course of action. The Internet is full of jihadist sites promoting the destruction of us infidels and our way of life. RoP faithful have set up a network of sites that include bomb making instructions and words of encouragement from the "cave" in Pakistan. Jihadi snuff films and photos of their handiwork are posted for like-minded martyrs in the making. All one has to do is look at sites to see their ultimate goal and what our future holds. Their actions are quite clear, we need to take them at their word.

Fervent sermons encourage followers to cause unbelievable devastation leading to the complete annihilation of our way of life. The imams who spew abhorrence of the west while reaping the benefits of their western host countries. Advancing 7th century ideas and beliefs designed to envelope the socially and economically disenfranchised, or so we're told, but not in all cases. As we witnessed Sunday, two of the suspects arrested in the UK were doctors. I guess we can ignore the concept of only the uneducated and poverty stricken being lured into jihad. Lets not forget OBL's right hand man is a doctor.

Raising terror alerts and again asking the public to be vigilant, to report suspicious activity, we hold our breath waiting for the other shoe to drop. The president and DHS secretary cite the “if you see something, say something” campaign, asking the public to be aware of their surroundings. However, if we see a person of middle eastern descent acting odd and report them, we run the risk of being sued by CAIR for profiling. Because of this threat our government is careful not to offend the thin-skinned islamic faith by continuing patting grandma down and giving Ahmed the OK to board the plane. And heaven forbid our CIA or FBI start monitoring mosques looking for sleeper cells or imams who incite violence.

Radical islam declared war on the west a few decades ago, now we need to start fighting back. We can learn from the past that appeasement doesn’t work. Our leaders need to be courageous enough to identify evil and crush it where it breeds.


SkyePuppy said...

Preach it, Sister! Excellent post.

I especially like the part about crushing the evil.

janice said...

Thank you Skye, I love your words of encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes the famous speech.

It is really easy to read couple of articles on this issue and copy and paste it into your own "words of wisdom". Well done.

Cut the crap and face the reality. You all (infidels and kafirs) very quickly forget that for ever litre of petrol you put into your cars it been extracted after killing many Muslims in the Middle East.

Can you not accept the fact that America and UK (and alike) have made this world living hell for everyone, or does that not matter to you as America or UK is the world for you, and everything else is not worth thinking about.

The biggest evil is America and let me just remind you of one world which will sum up the evil of this entire nation "Hiroshima".

True Muslims have the courage, ability and identity to condemn innocent people being killed, but you Infidels cannot even think of doing the same for all the people who you have killed in the world (and especially in the Middle East) in the name of your security.

For every Pharaoh there has been a Moses, and today Pharaoh (American and western evil) has met today's Moses (Islam).

So lady, you can sing all day about securing your (so called) freedom from another way of life, but remember one thing, for all the death and destruction in the world, someone has to pay for it?

Thanks for your comments on my blog which just shows the 2 faced you actually are.

janice said...

It seems I have an uninformed fan.

Like I said in the comments of my last post, infidel&kafir will twist, add and delete your words when you comment on his blog.

My blog is like America, where he is free to spew hate unmolested. I think its very revealing of his character, or lack there of.

Good luck climbing out of that hole you put your self in while searching for the truth.