Sunday, July 15, 2007

CAIR's jihad with Dunkin' Donuts

In Friday's whine-o-gram, Americas favorite muslim civil rights group is planning to sue Dunkin' Donuts. It seems "donut" corporate discriminated against Walid Elkhatib (a non-Christian) based on his race (he must be black, yellow or white because islam is NOT a race) by making the sale of breakfast sandwiches with bacon, ham or sausage a mandatory part of his franchise agreement.

The palestinian arab has refused to sell the sandwiches with meat because ham, sausage and bacon are pork products. Elkhatib has been a franchise owner since 1979. In 1984 the stores began selling breakfast sandwiches and because of his religion, the company accommodated him with a sign stating "Meat Products Not Available" for the window of his store. And for 20 years all was well. In 2002 the parent company told Elkhatib he would not be able to relocate a store or renew his franchisee agreements due to his failure to carry the full product line. Period.

What's the problem with this guy? Could it be he's trying to capitalize on the use of our legal system, seeing more and more muslims in this country acquire "special" rights when they threaten to sue, especially when it's written on CAIR letterhead.

I'm so sick of special privileges for this group of folks who come to America to be a part of the "American Dream" but on their terms and within the tenets of their beliefs. The American dream needs to be ammended to fit the middle eastern hole they crawled out of.

This man was able to obtain a Dunkin' Donut store, and this IS America, venture back out there and find a franchise that doesn't conflict with your religion.


Jacob said...

Clearly he has no concept of how the law works (or how the world works, for that matter).

If he doesn't like ham or bacon then he doesn't have to eat it. Nobody died from delivering a ham sandwich, nor did they suffer grievously for their absurd religious beliefs as a result of delivering a ham sandwich.

janice said...

You got that right!

SkyePuppy said...


To be fair to the donut shop owner, he bought the shop back when all Dunkin Donuts sold was donuts. It would have been safe for a Muslim to own. As DD introduced pork products to their menu, they grandfathered this guy in by letting him avoid selling those products. For 20 years.

BUT, (I used to work at a fast-food company's corporate headquarters) franchisees don't have full rights to their store. They have franchise agreements that can be terminated by either side as the contract comes up for renewal. They're told what to sell, when to introduce new products, how to price them, and who to buy their supplies from. Their employees have to wear the corporate uniforms and use the corporate greetings. Much of what they do at their shop is dictated by the corporation, who in turn provides national advertising and a desirable brand for the shop owner.

This guy has been in the donut business since 1979. Maybe what he needs to do is drop the franchise agreement and run his own donut shop. But he doesn't have a legal leg to stand on in his battle against Dunkin Donuts. They've bent over backwards to accomodate him for the last 20 years. Enough is enough.