Monday, July 16, 2007

Jerusalem without the dome

On Friday, Skye Puppy told us of her visit to see the Dead Sea Scrolls in San Diego. I commented on my desire to visit Israel and if the exhibit makes it to Ohio, I'm there.
Well, I found the tour schedule and much to my chagrin, the exhibit had already passed through Columbus last November.

Anyway, Skye's post was really insightful and pointed to a few instances where political correctness has replaced common sense.

A picture of Jerusalem without the dome of the rock (aka the mosque of omar) is a beautiful site. One day the Holy Temple of God will replace the dome and usher in the Messiah. For Christians this will be the Second Coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. He will reign over the world from the seat of the Third Temple in Jerusalem.

The mosque of omar, that now occupies the site of the House of God, was build on the rock of Abraham and Isaac. So much historical and archaeological evidence points to the Jewish right to claim the land of Israel as given to them by God. But the islamic death cult followers deny Jewish existence entirely.

The islamic religion believes Jesus will indeed return. However, He will be a muslim and descends to meet the army of the mahdi (12th imam) which will be preparing for battle. The mahdi will ask Jesus to lead the prayers, Jesus will defer instead to the mahdi. In keeping with his islamic identity, he will perform the ritual pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj). According to islamic tradition , Jesus’ sole purpose will be to oversee the institution and enforcement of islamic sharia law the world over.

That’s surely not what you were taught in Sunday school, CCD or PSR. A bit scary huh? This is what muslims believe and it’s why the madman ruling Iran is so dangerous.

Below is a picture of the ruins of Massada, (also spelled Masada) 3000+ years of Jewish history yet muslims deny their history in the region. I came across a great site a few years ago. It explains the history of Israel and dispels many of the myths (and lies) disseminated over the years.


Jacob said...

I had no idea that the Islamic side had the return of Jesus mapped out in such detail. It all still sounds pretty silly to me.

janice said...

Oh Jacob, it gets much uglier than that.

It's really quite scary how the islamic version of Jesus' return and the biblical account of the beast, antichrist and satan all mirror muslim eschatology.

Jacob said...

Mm. It's all religion and it's all the same to me.

Tsofah said...


Just some insight: Before the Dome of the Rock was Islamic, it was a Christian church sight. Jerusalem has been fought over for thousands of years. But, do you know G-d really DID inscribe His Name on Jerusalem as He said in the scriptures?

On my visit to Israel, I went with a group and we were at an overlook called Haas Promenade. As I looked at Jerusalem from there, I gasped. The hills and valleys made a very clearly seen "shem" (Hebrew letter for the Name of G-d). The guide made mention of it as well.

Btw, Islam does not believe Jesus is the Son of G-d OR Messiah. They seem Him as a great prophet only. They do not believe in His death on the cross OR His resurrection.

It's like they took some of Judiasm and some of Christianity and did their best to negate both, eh?

May G-d give all mankind peace, and peaceful motives, not murder and war.

janice said...

Oh yes Delta, I'm very aware of how muslims view Jesus.

Any muslim who knows islamic eschatology will tell you Jesus will return as a muslim.

A great reference to all this is a book by Joel Richardson - Antichrist, islam's Awaited Messiah.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

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Jacob said...

Why the fuck did you write all that on your lame site, Rapture? Go outside and play.

janice said...

Well said Jacob, well said....