Saturday, July 07, 2007

Federal court overturns wiretap ruling!

The Good Guys Win One Against CAIR!

The federal appeals court, in a 2 to 1 vote found the plaintiffs could not prove they were harmed by the federal wiretap program. Reporting in the Detroit Free Press yesterday, the 6th Circuit in Cincinnati overturned the Detroit court ruling that the Bush administration’s wiretapping program was unconstitutional. CAIR was seething with this "breaking news" in a late day whine-o-gram. So much for claiming they're "American" muslims living in "patriotic" islamic communities.

The liberal rag Washington Times printed this headline; Court backs Bush's spying, the fairness doctrine would come in handy and help the Times report the news without bias.

Today in CAIR’s daily whine-o-gram, they lamented the decision. Dawud Walid, head of the Michigan branch of the Council on American Islamic Relations, one of the co-plaintiffs, said: “It’s a shame that the court overturned the decision… what the executive branch was doing was unconstitutional.”

Kary Moss, the ACLU Michigan branch head made this brilliant statement; “one of the reasons the plaintiffs had difficulty proving they were being adversely affected was that the government has kept information about the wiretapping program a secret”

Yes, that’s why they called it a “secret program” morons. It’s a great victory for this war on terror.


Jacob said...

I wonder what Mr. Eric Blair would say.

janice said...

I do like Animal Farm.

But I don't think this is "big brother" Jacob.

No more than all those cameras in London watching the Jeep and BMW jihadis, eh?

SkyePuppy said...


The fairness doctrine wouldn't help a thing. It's all about shutting up the right, not about real fairness.

The left thinks their news is normal ("fair"), and the right is the only news that's biased. So, Fox News and all the right-wing talk radio would have to submit to the fairness doctrine, but none of the left's outlets would have to. And that would be fair, from their perspective.

Anyway, it's good to see that one of the US Circuit Courts is being reasonable (the 9th never is).

Anonymous said...

Malott said...

Muslims are such good patriots.

America first!

Malott said...

So Janice,
Did you lose your nut-job visitors? I wouldn't live in the UK for all the Queen's money.

janice said...

Yes, America First!

Chris, those 2 guys, who are actually the same guy. (we all have an IP address)

They've been lurking but not commenting.

One look at their blogs and it'll really shock you. Very twisted views, it's scary.
I hope MI5 are watching them (him).

I used to want to visit the UK. But it's becoming a real mess. I hope they can continue to crack down on the evil in their land.

Anonymous said...

the Jews: "They have been partly responsible for the antagonism from which they suffer." Winston Churchill.

Anonymous said...

Mark Malloch Brown, a critic of US policy when he was at the UN, said that the US and UK would no longer be "joined at the hip".

About time too. Well done UK for telling America to F$#K OFF.

janice said...

I spoke to soon Chris.

The jihadi is back and, as you can see, he brought threats from the evil that lives in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Dear Janice (the Islamophobic Terrorist).

Are you calling Winston Churchill and G Brown from UK evil. How dare you? UK is in the process of realisation just like the rest of the world. I know this news for you will be hard to swallow. Just carry on swallowing the liquid you are use to.

It will come a time when the people of America will also start to realise that people like you the Islamophobic Terrorist have done nothing apart from destroy the world and its civilisation, they will deal with you in the same way as Saddam was dealt with.

janice said...

No infidel, I am calling "you" evil.

I could go on all day addressing what you've just written, but I'll only address one.
Tell me what has islam contributed to civilization in the last 100 years (and perfecting the suicide bomb vest doesn't count)?

I've said it here and on your blog, I believe islam is evil. So for you to call me an islamophobe means nothing. Unlike the fury you feel when I call you (and your fellow death cult, meteorite worshipping, pedophile prophet [piss be upon him] loving, self loathing, 7th century nomads) evil.

No, this battle will be won by the rightous, and you sir, are far from rightous.

Besides, there's nothing that can stop the American military!

Jacob said...

Besides, there's nothing that can stop the American military!

... except when Bush is in charge of it.

janice said...

You got me there Jacob.

Anonymous said...


our country made history and had an empire which the world respected and wanted to be part of. America has got a empire but all it knows is how to kill and kill. no one wants to be part of it. i have seen ur comments here and at the infidel watcher website and i think u actually have a mental disorder or something similar. jesus never insulted other people and said the same but it seems that u think being a christian give u the right to insult main figures in other religions. tell me would jesus be happy with u today.

dont call england evil as we are not evil. people who r evil r like you and think like you.

clean up ur own home before to tell others to clean theirs.

u make me sad.

janice said...

Chris #2,
I hope your life in the UK allows you to speak better than you write (and read) because this post isn't about the UK. And, I never said the folks in the UK are evil.

Let's talk about mental disorders shall we. Don't ya think blowing yourself up in order to get a few virgins and an aboundance of water a bit sick? That's what makes me sad.

And again, we all have IP addresses. So, do you live with infidel watcher (& ahmed) or just use his PC?