Saturday, December 06, 2008

CAIR; Action Alert & Incitement Watch

The Simpsons and FOX are the subject of Action Alert #554. CAIR asked the RoP faithful to “Send a message expressing appreciation for highlighting both anti-Muslim attitudes and the need for mutual respect and inclusion in our society.” If a cartoon can cause muslims to commit world-wide chaos, Bart Simpson can hold the key to winning to the war on islamic terror. Maybe Obama will appoint the character to be our next middle east envoy.

Once again Cal Thomas draws the ire of CAIR and joins a long list of “incitement watch” recipients. Thomas’ syndicated article, “Radical Muslims’ goal is total domination”, caused the unindicted terror co-conspirators to agitate alert the ummah.

Here’s the polarizing paragraph, highlighted by Dallas Morning News' Jeffrey Weiss, from Thomas' op-ed; "At the very least, all non-Western immigrants to Britain and America should be told prior to their arrival that our intention is to westernize them. They must learn English, study and embrace the history of their host nation and, if they are Muslim, they will be allowed to worship only in existing mosques. No new ones should be built. Existing mosques must be monitored to make sure that hate is not taught and aggressive behavior toward their host countries is not promoted. If such behavior and speech are detected, the mosques should be closed and the imams arrested or deported."

I don't see what's so offensive.

What I do see is the exclusion of the reasons for such extreme national security measures. Islamic doctrine sees the world in two compartments. Simply put the house of islam (dar al-islam) and the house of war (dar al-harb). Either islam is dominant in the land (nation/country) or they’re at war to become dominant in the land.

In 1998 CAIR’s Omar Ahmad stated their obligation as muslims in dar al-harb; urging fellow RoP faithful “not to shirk their duty of sharing the islamic faith with those on the wrong side”. This priceless gem, “islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominant”. And turning America into dar al-islam “The koran should be the highest authority in America and islam the only accepted religion on earth” and much, much more. From the beginning CAIR and the larger islamic community have not gone out of their way to hide their intentions.

Although Thomas does not mention them by name, it’s quite clear as he explains the ideology this way; “Radical Muslim doctrine considers all land potential, or actual, "Muslim land." There’s no rebuttal to this point and I doubt the ummah finds this offensive.


SkyePuppy said...

Who knew Bart could be such a nice guy!

Dinah Lord said...

Don't joke about Bart Simpson being appointed to be our next middle east envoy. NOTHING would surprise me coming from The Messiah given his stated intention to reach out to his Muslim brothers by giving his first major foreign policy speech in a MUSLIM capital (Tehran and Jakarta are the two front runners. Dearborn is a close third).

Your post beautifully illustrates what we're up against, Miss J. Meanwhile our politicians, religious leaders and media are all playing "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil"
when it comes to the Islamic threat. It's been 7 years and to my way of thinking the ummah has done nothing but attack us on all fronts. We're watching it happen right in front of our eyes.

I wonder if people felt this way in the run up to Nazism?

Oh, and BTW, the ummah can just bite me.