Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Drive-By Whine-O-Gram

Today’s post will be a drive-by whine-o-gram special. Concern arose, in the comments section of my last post, due to my absence and I was reminded by the newly created OBT position holder that it’s been a week since I opined on the unindicted terror coconspirator, CAIR.

So here we go;

Can you guess which congressman made the trek around the black meteorite, and risk being trampled to death, in Saudi Arabia? If you said Keith Ellison you’d be correct! And CAIR’s Hopper weighs in on this positive and inclusive message this sends the world. You've gotta read the comments from the website, I love it!

“The Purpose of Life? 877-WHY-ISLAM” This billboard was brought to the sunshine state travelers by the same “advocacy” group that has ties to many terrorist organizations, ICNA, islamic circle of North America. Again, you have to read the comments from readers.

The end of 2008 is almost upon us and CAIR’s NY chapter is teaming up with the Sikh Coalition asking NYC public school pupils and their parents to fill out an online questionnaire. Pertaining to what you ask? Well racial bullying of course. We’re a tolerant bunch, us Americans, and the ummah needs every little incident they can get to guilt this nation into submission.

And finally, because we all know Ishmael was saved by a goat provided to Abraham by allah, I give you these two stories, here and here, of charity during the muslim holiday of being trampled to death by your coreligionists eid-al adha.
I don’t know about you guys, but I know I’ll never be hungry enough to eat the meat of a goat or a lamb that had its throat slit and then bled to death in an urban alleyway.
Never, ever…… how ‘bout you?
And reading the comments from readers is a must on both of these articles.


Dinah Lord said...

Once again twin, we are on the same wavelength. Boy, I really got my panties in a wad after hearing about Keith 'Hakim' Ellison's trip.

Not only did I leave a pointed comment at the article you cited, I even called Keith Hakim Ellison's office...Oh yeah, I was wound up all right!

(pulling my sweater up over my face in chagrin)

Now, I'm off to explore your goat stories...you know how I feel about halal butchers. gag.

P.S. Hate to coarsen the blog discourse here, but enquiring minds have to know. Does that black rock they're worshipping over there in Mecca look like a sculpture of a big, shiny vagina to you, too?

Dinah Lord said...

Back from the Goats and the comments. Oy.

Check this out.

janice said...


I thought I was the only one who was thinking that thing resembled, a.... you know!