Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Whine-O-Gram speed link

Yesterday’s whine-o-gram had so many items of interest I had to do a “drive-by” speed link. Here we go;

First we have letters to the editor responding to Cal Thomas’ op-ed. This is all I’m going to say about these two articles; “Joseph Goebbels” and “The Planet of the Apes”.

Next up we have the case of an ex-marine (who’s son was murdered on the USS Cole) suing for the right to display “offensive” stickers on his car. CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper says the marine has a right to be “an anti-muslim bigot”.

And rounding out this edition of whine-o-gram speed linking, we have CAIR suggesting an alternative December greeting to counter Bill O’Reilly’s Merry Christmas. It's the all inclusive “eid mubarak” for this holiday season.


SkyePuppy said...

Cal Thomas's column was right on the money. Our constitution's preamble calls on the federal government to provide for the common defense. Keeping away threats to our way of life is an important part of that duty.

janice said...

You're exactly correct Skye, I find it a bit queer that those with the least freedoms want to take advantage of ours.

Malott said...

Well it's been a week... Surely radical Islam is up to something...

How about some Christmas pictures?

You OK?

SkyePuppy said...


Thank you for being the official Blog Timer for our group! It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.

Janice...? Are you there?

Malott said...

Chris Malott, OBT

I like it.

janice said...

Thank you guys, I'm OK.

Been working, and sadly the jihadis haven't taken a vacation. I do have much to report.

Dinah Lord said...

I was getting ready to put your face on a milk carton, twinny!

The holidays are putting a bit of a cramp in my jihad fighting, too!

Glad to see you back...