Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm Going On Vacation!

If my fellow bloggers have been watching, you'll notice my vacation ticker is down to ONE DAY!

It's been a long time between vacation escapes. Our last family vacation was in '06 and then I ventured off to "Sin City" in August shortly after our return. Needless to say, we're due for a break.

We leave tomorrow morning for the outer banks. Hatteras Island to be exact, an entire week of nothing but beaching, pooling, hot tubing, eating and relaxing. If you're interested go here for the specs on the crib we rented.

I'll be taking my laptop and if time allows, I post some pictures of our trip.

Before I sign off, I'd like to share something with you. A few days ago I commented on SkyePuppy's blog about my lasted obsession. Well, I'm here to tell you that I'm NOT going to be purchasing the 2010 Camaro next spring.

Yesterday morning Nick and I drove to the largest Corvette dealer in Ohio and picked up my 2008 Corvette. YES I DID! The star's were aligned and the time was right. And most importantly, the dealership really worked to make the sale. We actually paid less than we would have for the 2010 Camaro SS. So, we did it. The car is a little dirty because it was raining, as I type this Nick is finishing up the detail job and putting a coat of wax on "her".
The color is called Jet Stream Blue. And I love it! I've always wanted a Corvette but could only afford Camaro's, dubbed the "poor mans 'Vette". "She" has all the bells and whistles, as all Corvettes do, and she's an automatic (one of only two on the lot) with the sport paddle shift.
I'm on cloud nine and can't wait until the odometer reaches 500 miles so I can really put the pedal to the metal and cruise above 55mph. I'll post more pictures upon my return.
Until then, I'll see you on the beach!
I received this email from Eddy, my oldest, best friend and Christopher's Godfather; I thought I would share it would you. It reminds me it's not the quantity but the quality of people in ones life.

8/28/2008 11:50:19 AM Eastern Daylight Time


Can you believe it???? Seriously….one of your dreams is now a reality. I hope you’re happy and you will enjoy your Corvette immensely. ( your Corvette ….omg)

Peace & Love



SkyePuppy said...

Oh, wow! It looks especially beautiful because it's in your garage!!!

janice said...

Thank you Skye!

Everything was so right about buying this car at this time, Nick pointed out to me this morning that "she" was made on my birthday, 1-8-08!

SkyePuppy said...

Have you named her yet?

janice said...

No not yet, Skye.

But I can tell she's a girl. The speed, attitude and beauty all indicate her womanhood.

I should have a name next week after we spend some time together.

Unknown said...

ohhh lala, well mabe when I have enough money to buy a vette ill be as anti-Muslim and anti-diversity as you rightwing a-holes...ok enough with that, in all honestly it's very nice and I really do hope you enjoy it and your gas guzzler tax(but I might be wrong about that 2nd part, i hope not)

janice said...

No fouad, I DID indeed pay the "gas guzzler" tax.

It's called capitalism! And we love it here in America!

Why so cowardly? Why don't you let us see your profile?

janice said...

So, fouad, you support nObama and you're in the Chicago area and you came here from Debbie Schlussel's blog. Why come here and be an asshat?

janice said...

You're a jealous socialist and hate anyone who has it better than you. Keep waiting for the government to lift you up and you'll never get anywhere. My husband and I work very hard for what we have, you should try it sometime.

Dinah Lord said...

OMG - Janice this is soooooo cool!

I love the thought of you cruising around in this baby. More pics, please! What's under the hood? How high does the speedometer go????

This couldn't have happened to a better gal, sweetie pie. Best wishes and thanks to hunka-hunka burning love Nick for helping make a girl's dream come true.

Maybe poor fouad has Vette envy or some other kind of envy???


Fouad honey, don't be bitter cause my twin has a hotter car than you!

P.S. There's a new possum mobile in the L&M stable too, Miss J. A 2008 GMC Yukon Denali XL.

The L&M surprised me with it upon my return from the Buckeye State earlier this summer. Now, that's a gas guzzler I can live with! hee-hee.

We're looking at a GM flex-fuel truck now...although after seeing your 'vette maybe I should be rethinking this...ha-ha!

janice said...

OMG those Yukon Denali's are so awesome. Nice choice L&M.

Well, she has 438 horses and speedometer goes to 200mph!

I'll take some pics of her later, inside and out! I absolutely LOVE this car.

I did take her from 0-78 in about 4 seconds. It's crazy fast!