Monday, August 25, 2008

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to work I go!

Well my fellow bloggers, my unemployment hiatus has ended. In less than 2 hours I leave to start my new job. Like I told you in December 2006 when I was laid off, I was blessed to be in the financial position where I could collect unemployment and not hard pressed to find a job. Nick stepped up and gained employment here in the C-bus which only our made our financially sound foundation more stable without me working.

Now, I must confess, I’m bored. I mean really, how many times can I clean this house when only two neat-freaks live here? Yes, my little side job as an Amazon Marketplace Seller is profitable but I find it’s not about the money so much as it is about getting out and meeting people and being productive, contributing to society, finding my own self-worth. Even Hershey finds the novelty of me being home with him to be a crimp in his sleeping routine.

Don’t get me wrong, I thank Our Lord and Savior every day for the blessing I’ve been given. Especially for the financial security. But I can do more, I want to do more. Believe me I’ve entertained the idea of volunteering at the animal shelter or the nursing home down the street. The problem is I would find myself with more dogs or elderly than I could handle living in our home. I can’t even watch the ASPCA commercial with Sarah Mclaughlin about the abused dogs. And Animal Planet is completely out of the question. I’ve also seen too many 20/20, 60 Minutes and undercover investigations regarding abuse in nursing homes. Nope, I can’t do it.

Anywho, just to alleviate any separation anxiety I’m here to tell you I’ll only be working Monday and Wednesday from 3pm to 9pm. So I’ll still be around to opine on CAIR activities and bring you the most absurd news on the jihad.

Wish me luck…..


SkyePuppy said...

That's wonderful! Have a great time!!!

BTW, dogs are OK to collect. Just don't become a cat lady.

janice said...

Oh no cats for me Skye, I'm a dog person all the way.

The shift was supposed to be "training", but I guess I got the gist of it and found myself working on my own after the 30 minute overview.

Note to self, act stupid and milk it for a while.....