Thursday, August 21, 2008

CAIR Helped Me; Can You Help CAIR

I’m beginning to think CAIR is approaching the ropes, not quite on them, but close. In an effort to increase their coffers the muslim civil rights group launched a new campaign; “CAIR Helped Me; Help CAIR”.

This week their whine-o-grams chronicle the plight of victimized muslims and how CAIR righted their wrongs. All of this is an effort to solicit donations. The email closes with this statement; "CAIR faces new challenges every day as we sustain our 14-year effort to advocate on behalf of American Muslims. We constantly field calls from people who face adversity in matters of everyday life such as employment, immigration, banking, and travel. Due to our unwavering efforts, we continue to achieve victories like the case above that affect the entire American Muslim community."

Even their home-page has been transformed into one big donation request, outlining the positive work CAIR has done for the ummah in America. The "CAIR intimidation crew" has managed to successfully lobby for foot-baths, prayer rooms and muslim only fitness center privileges, all in the name of equal rights. Well, it all sounds like special rights to me…

Filing frivolous lawsuits and boycotting talk radio hosts, CAIR puts on the cloak of victimhood and demand restrictions be put on the first amendment. CAIR will label their adversary’s action as racist, xenophobic and islamophobia. While the mere idea that FBI agents may wander into a mosque during a fiery Friday sermon is followed by cries of islamic profiling and suppression of free speech. In an attempt to weaken our national security to reach a greater understanding, LAX TSA officials received a visit from the local CAIR chapter expressing concerns over the use of invasive body-imaging technology during secondary security screenings.

I could go on about the many ways CAIR has imposed islamic culture on companies, schools and small towns across America. For example, do you really think the Knights of Columbus or the Zionist Organization of America could get away with advertising on NY subway cars without CAIR getting their panties in a bunch? Me neither….

With all the attention CAIR has received regarding their Saudi funding, the petro-dollars may not be flowing so freely these days. The big push for contributions doesn’t look good and it appears that the CAIR war-chest may be beginning to dry up. And that’s a good thing….


SkyePuppy said...

CAIR needs help. Woo-hoo!

I know it's Christian to help the poor and downtrodden, but those are the ones in the category of "the deserving." CAIR is nowhere NEAR that category. They're on a different planet from the deserving.

No, when Jesus talked about the thief who comes to steal and destroy, he didn't say to help them out when their funds get a little low.

I hope they go broke and disappear.

Malott said...

Is there an Anti-CAIR organization that needs funding?

Whatever happened to the good old days when immigrants were seen and not heard?

janice said...

I totally agree Skye, the only thing CAIR is deserving of is a long prison sentance and deportation.

Actually Chris, Andrew Whitehead who runs Anti-CAIR was sued by CAIR. CAIR dropped the suit when they refused to turn over for discovery their funding statements.