Sunday, August 10, 2008

Book review; "The Case For Israel"

I just finished reading “The Case For Israel” by Alan Dershowitz. As one of America's leading attorneys, a Harvard Law professor and a defender of individual liberties, Dershowitz utilizes these credentials to facilitate a detailed analysis of the issues fuelling the continuing war against the Jewish state. His impassioned defense of the state of Israel, arguing that, although the country is not perfect, it remains the only outpost of democracy in the middle east, answering critics who accuse Israel of being an imperialist power and documenting the facts about the nature of the conflict between Israel and the palestinians.

The book is reads like a defence legal brief, every chapter begins by outlining the accusations and accusers, the reality and the proof.

As I worked my way through each accusation chapter, I realized Dershowitz does not use religion as a defense or justification for the actions by the Jewish nation. Using simple logic, historical facts along with UN and NGO data to refute the wide spectrum of allegations ranging from human rights abuses and war crimes to genocide, racism and thwarting peace in the region.

In making the case, Dershowitz refers to the fundamental point and historical fact that the palestinians have been offered statehood on three separate occasions, in 1937, 1947 and 2000-2001. On each occasion the book describes how each offer was rejected and on each occasion the response was an increase in terrorism. The case is clearly made that Arafat and Abbas are responsible for the failure to bring peace in the region, to create a state and govern the palestinian people.

The book provides evidence of a global double standard. Israel is singled out by the UN for condemnation while the palestinians enjoy an elevated position among refugees employing the services of their very own UN agency, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. This, in my opinion, only serves to perpetuate the cycle. For decades neighboring arab nations have refused to absorb these refugees living along and within their borders. The global community would rather demonize Israel for the plight of the palestinians. Holding Israel to a higher standard than any other nation while expecting violence and barbarism from her muslim neighbors. Those expectations are simply racist and anti-Semitic.

I find it astonishing that millions of European refugees were able to move forward and rebuild their lives following the end of the second world war. Yet we have millions of palestinians holding on to 40 year old house keys, an entire people being used as pawns by terrorists who want nothing more than to destroy the state of Israel.


Malott said...

I am one of those who believe that God's covenant with Abraham still stands.

I will bless those who bless you,
and whoever curses you I will curse;
and all peoples on earth
will be blessed through you."

I would expect the Palestinians to be among the biggest losers on the planet.

Great post, Janice.

janice said...

I agree Chris, the land belongs to Israel as promised by God, period.

The same way religion defuses the debate over same-sex marriage, religion will lead this debate to a moot point and religious relativism takes over.

As far a the palestinians being among the cursed, just take a look at their lot in life. The goal of an entire people is to destroy another and to celebrate the suicide of their own children. Content to wear the mantel of victimhood, never moving toward a better life for themselves or prosperity for their children. It's sick, whether it is religion, culture or brainwashing.

Dinah Lord said...

Excellent post, Miss J!

Dershowitz isn't one of my favorites but this looks to be an excellent book.

If only I didn't have fifteen books languishing on my reading pile!

And if only the Palis would stop marrying their first cousins...

Consanguinity is widely practised in the Palestinian Territories with rates of total consanguinity reaching 45% of all marriages in 2004.

janice said...

Your stats are correct Dinah, MeThinks it's a big part of the problem. The gene pool is polluted from generations of incest.