Monday, August 04, 2008

The weekend visit

I’m a bit tired this morning. I was up at 5am, nervous about the job interview I have this afternoon. Christopher and his girlfriend came for the weekend and prior to his arrival, I was given a list of food he had a taste for….

Being an accommodating and loving mother to a spoiled only child, I cooked my “bone-on-bone L3 &4 vertebrae’s” off. The Batman peanut butter fudge was a big hit, Christopher said it looked awesome.

They left Cleveland after work Saturday morning (they work 7pm to 7am at one of the many Cleveland Clinic hospitals, my son is an LPN and “A” is an STNA, they’re both studying to be RNs) and arrived around 10:30 or so. While catching up Nick wanted to show Christopher the new flat-screen TV he bought. In passing, Christopher mentioned “Dad, my tires are starting to squeak and I have about 40k miles on the car”. What's that I smell, my debit card beginning to smoke?????

They both looked tired and after a short house tour for “A” we took them upstairs to their rooms. I proceeded to the kitchen to begin dinner and Nick took the Mustang for new tires, a car wash and topped off the gas tank. Once he got back home he turned to detailing the inside of the boys ride. He was very appreciative.

I started the chicken paprikash and dumplings. Nick popped in to snap photo of me looking my “momma mia” best at the stove.

There's the chicken paprikash, another 3 dozen dumplings to go!

So I returned the favor by catching him hard at work detailing the inside of the “Stang”, with his McCain sticker proudly displayed in the back window. I so love my young republican!

They got up around 4pm and weren't hungry yet, so we played Wii and ate sausage roll and fudge, (kids!?!?). We did sit down to dinner at 7pm and of course they weren't very hungry. So I packed the leftovers up and put them in the freezer so he could take it home. While I cleaned the kitchen they played more wii, pool and pulled Christopher's large bin of LEGO's out and began to build. We played more Wii, then watched TV and went to bed at midnight.
I was up at 6:30am Sunday morning so I could start my sauce and meatballs. Christopher also wanted frozen cavatells and garlic toast while he was here. They wanted to be on the road by 5:30 so I planned on serving dinner around 3:00. It takes about 7 hours for my sauce to cook.

Sunday was spent hanging out playing Wii and the kids took a walk. After dinner I was able to get some pictures outside, and out of respect for their privacy, I will not be including “A”.

Christopher and me....

Christopher and "Bosco" Chris' name for Hershey Bar...

Once the car was loaded with duffle bags, leftovers and a few bags of grocery goodies I picked up for him, they were on their way home.

I cried, hard. I love my son very, very much, obviously. But I also thanked our Lord for the worriless nights I spend knowing he’s not in jail, sleeping under a bridge hooked on drugs and at (almost 23 next month) he’s not a “daddy” yet. I thank God for the decisions he made. Even though Nick and I set him on the path, Christopher made the choice to stay there and do the right things.
I love you Hoffie, and we're so very proud of you......


Dinah Lord said...

Good luck Miss J with your interview this afternoon.

What a weekend! Tell me that you didn't make those dumplings by hand!!!! You shame me, Mama. If we're twins, you're the one that got the cooking gene! Hope your back is recovering!

You look so happy in the pics with your boy home. You should be very proud of him! What a lovely family you guys are.

P.S. Did I tell you that back before I went to work on Wall St - I worked as an LPN for 10yrs? That's how I financed my Bachelors degree.

Dinah Lord said...
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Dinah Lord said...

Got so excited I double posted - hah-hah!

Malott said...

Great looking family! What a wonderful weekend you had...

Your son sounds like a well-grounded young man... Good job, Mom and Dad.