Friday, March 16, 2007

CAIR boots reporters from press conference

Yes, the self-proclaimed American muslim civil rights group banned a CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) reporter from their press conference announcing their "flying imams" lawsuit. This little tidbit of information wasn't in any of their daily whine-o-grams and only Fox News briefly mentioned the incident. When asked why CBN was told leave, CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said “We have long barred the CBN from our news conferences because of their long, long history of vicious anti-Muslim bigotry and we have no motivation to promote that kind of intolerance and it is a private function and we have decided that they are not welcome.”

This isn't the first time CBN has been given the boot by CAIR. In 2004 they were barred from the National Press Club and they even denied access to Washington Times reporter Audrey Hudson, who CAIR alleged has “a history of agenda-driven journalism on this particular issue” and that CAIR “had no obligation to admit her” because it was a private press conference. The first step to totalitarian rule in the US would be to eliminate the freedom of the press. And we all know that's the goal CAIR is looking to achieve. As you recall, CAIR believes "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth." Well, seems to me they're on their way to attaining that objective.

Isn't the "press" indicative of freedom here in America? Freedom of the press is one of our greatest liberties. It truely does keep us free. My blog could be shut down according to CAIR standards of reporting. If the rest of the journalist had a clue, they would have walked out in solidarity. But they didn't and apparently don't mind being used as media "tools" by CAIR to further their agenda.

MeThinks "we should bar the [islamo-fascists] from our country because of their long, long history of vicious, anti-[civilization] bigotry. And we have no motivation to promote that kind of intolerance. And it's [our country] and we have decided they are not welcome."

I find it ironic, not surprising , a group who claims to advocate for religious tolerance, is so intolerant. And I've come to expect nothing less from CAIR....


audrey said...

Do you think that all groups are representative of the people they claim to represent? For example, do you think that the anti-Palestinian movement in Israel is supported by all Israelis?

Of course it isn't. Neither so does CAIR represent all Muslims in America. Christian lobbyist groups don't represent the views of all Christians.

You like to think of all Muslims as an army, but the reality is that they're all human just like you and me. I don't subscribe to all the views of groups that I identify with. It's ignorant of you to suggest that Muslims are somehow different.

janice said...

What is the anti-palestinian movement? Because Israel protects it's citizens from being murdered by this death cult? Then yes, I believe ALL Israelis support your so-called anti-palestinian movement.

As far as my ignorance in suggesting muslims are different, you obviously haven't been listening to CAIR or other muslim groups. They themselves proclaim their difference from the rest of the world.
It's ignorant of you to tell me what I think or misinterpret my words.

janice said...

Unhappy UNC Chapel Hill muslim student running down fellow students with a SUV.

Unhappy Utah muslim goes on a shooting rampage in a mall.

Unhappy Seattle muslim shoots Jews at a Jewish center.

That's 3 off the top of my head, thanks audrey.