Sunday, March 18, 2007

CAIR warns muslims upset over FBI, Spencer invitation

The religion of peace and tolerance is upset because the FBI extend an invitation to author Robert Spencer. The FBI had planned to bring in Spencer this week to speak to Indiana's Joint Terrorism Task Force. Today's whine-o-gram calls Spencer an "islamophobe" who distorts its faith. CAIR and other muslim organizations have a long history of discrediting islamic critics and silencing those who CAIR perceive as a threat to their mission. Hiding behind bogus hate speech laws, spurious claims of religious intolerance and (taking a page from the liberal handbook on how to get you way in America) bringing lawsuits in an effort to advance their agenda in America.

TSA has given behind the scene tours to CAIR and other muslim community leaders and not an eyebrow is raised, but Robert Spencer speaking to the Terrorism Joint Task Force is unacceptable to the "ummah."

The Indy Star reported today the invitation has the muslim community "upset." Louay Safi, director of leadership development with the Plainfield-based Islamic Society of North America, said bringing Spencer in to talk of Islam is akin to bringing an anti-Semite to talk about Jews or a Ku Klux Klan member to talk about race."Many people in our community will not be happy with it," Safi said. And we know what happens when muslims are "unhappy" or believe islam has been insulted.

It seems to me, the CAIR whine-o-gram objective is to incite their recipients. Along with a link to the current "insult to the ummah," they include links to past Spencer offenses going back to 2003. When Pat Robertson stated the koran was "fraudulent" while interviewing Spencer in October of '06, CAIR thought it would be helpful to include a link to the video. Incorporating posts from a blog that keeps an eye on Spencers "jihadwatch" website, for shock value. There's no correlation between the any of these incidents. Why would CAIR mingle all these insightful tidbits in their daily whine-o-gram? To stimulate debate or inflame the ummah? Perpetuating the "victim" mentality and suppressing opposing views will keep CAIR in business.


SkyePuppy said...

The Indy Star reported today the invitation has the muslim community "upset."

Well, bless their poor, little, professionally offended hearts.

I hope the FBI doesn't cave.

janice said...

So true, Skye.

Professional bully's more like it.

audrey said...

"And we know what happens when muslims are "unhappy" or believe islam has been insulted."

Sorry, what happens? I know there's been crazy incidents in Europe, but what exactly has happened in America besides September 11, which was planned an enacted by non-citizens?

According to your blog, those Islamists are always getting fired up and pissed off at American democracy. So by your reasoning, where are all the incidents?

janice said...

If you didn't notice, audrey, I'm speaking about CAIR and their involvment as a terrorist front group in America.

Thanks for stopping by,and have a great day!

audrey said...

Yeeess....and where are their terrorist actions? And actually, you're not talking just about CAIR. You talk about ALL muslims like this. So tell me. What happens when Muslims get angry?

janice said...

Sorry audrey, I'm not speaking of all muslims.

We have muslims in this country who are on a "jihad" to re-make this nation in the image of europe.

janice said...

Unhappy UNC Chapel Hill muslim student running down fellow students with a SUV.

Unhappy Utah muslim goes on a shooting rampage in a mall.

Unhappy Seattle muslim shoots Jews at a Jewish center.

That's 3 off the top of my head, anything else audrey?

Captain USpace said...

Robert Spencer is a hero! Islam as practiced by the Islamofascists will never be peace because if Earth ever became ruled by Sharia Law all the multitudes of Islamic factions that hate each other would keep fighting each other forever.

Educate ourselves and others!

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allow religions to kill

believe its followers
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absurd thought -
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