Tuesday, March 13, 2007

PA finance minister warns "system is in a state of total disrepair"

Is this the Carter and Obama idea of an aid package? What are these middle eastern men training for? They don't have a country to defend. Looks to me like it could it be a terrorist, para-military training camp. No, these poor, oppressed people want peace with Israel, right?

Salam Fayyad, palestinian finance minister, has warned foreign donors that he has no idea where much of their money has been spent. The UK Telegraph reports that more than £362 million in aid money is unaccounted for and "the system is in a state of total disrepair." Even with the suspension of aid from the United States and the EU, money is flowing in the "terrorist motherland." Officials of the peoples party, hamas, have been bringing suitcases full of cash into Gaza. This money, obviously, hasn't been used to foster educational, health or welfare programs. Always crying "poor mouth" (as my mother would say) the international community can't chastise America and Israel enough for not supporting the democratically elected terrorist group hell-bent on the destruction of the state of Israel.

This comes as no shock to me. Recent IDF raids, in the West Bank, uncovered caches of weapons, explosives and the crudely fashioned homicide bombs used to maim and murder innocent Israelis. Do you think it's possible that's what the money was used for?

It's not bad enough we have (the worst American president), Jimma "put on a sweater and lower your thermostat" Carter, encouraging like-minded "peace activist" to circumvent the law and support the palestinian people, Barack Obama, speaking to a group of Democrats in Iowa, wants to relax restrictions on aid to the non-state of palestine. Obama said "Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people."

I beg the question, who's at fault for the lack of peace in the the region, Israel or the terrorist on the other side of the wall?


Jacob said...

I wanted to email you a story for your blog and you haven't listed your address. Oh well, here's a link to a story about the Secular Islam Summit which I thought you might find interesting.


You're always asking where all the moderate Muslims are these days, well here they are.

(As an aside, I think it's interesting that these particular Muslims are more liberal than fundie Christians these days. Something to think about, I guess)

janice said...

Thanks Jacob. I've been monitoring the event and reactions to it. Yes, it's quite interesting how liberal some of the participants are. Probably from being so beaten down by a religion that controls every aspect of one's life, finding freedom in America can be quite liberating.

I did post a few days ago about CAIR's reaction to the conference.
The whine-o-grams were seething over the summit and the fact that they weren't invited. With the move I didn't have time to post in detail, but this has been a big deal for weeks leading up to the summit.

CAIR has been on a few news shows trying to discredit the event and those involved. Mainly, Glenn Beck and the muslims who've converted to Christianity or are now atheist.

SkyePuppy said...

Obama said "Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people."

That's true. But his implication (that it's our fault or Israel's fault) is wrong. They suffer at the hands of their own leaders, who care more for the power and money that leadership brings than for the people they're supposed to serve.

Jacob said...


Yeah, I was a bit disappointed that CAIR hadn't embraced the summit. I cancelled my subscription to their whine-o-grams ages ago (because they bored me to tears) but if I hadn't you can be sure I would have sent them an abusive email by now.