Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The "flying imams" case will go forward!

The whine-o-gram hailed this as a “major victory” for civil rights. A Minneapolis judge ruled that a retroactive law passed in 2007 doesn’t give law enforcement officers immunity from being sued for violating the Constitution.

“Congress passed the law in 2007, to retroactively give individuals more protection from being prosecuted for reporting suspicious activities that could lead to acts of terrorism.”

In layman’s terms, if you or I report suspicious activity to the authorities and it turns out to be, oh let’s say….. an innocent act of muslim youth preparing their own homemade fireworks, we cannot be sued. We acted without malice.

Our only hope is when the facts are placed in front of a jury, those 12 people will recall how they felt that day when our nation came under attack. No, not from these men, but their coreligionist, and for them to be so oblivious to airline passenger’s sensitivity is insulting and offensive. I’m a nervous wreck every time I board a plane and believe me, my jihadi radar is on high alert.

The angry American backlash that never transpired after 9/11, was a great disappointment to groups like CAIR, MSA and ISNA. I was living in Cleveland at the time and the only backlash to occur was some bonehead who got drunk and drove his Mustang through the mosque doors in Parma. The same mosque that was founded by the doctor who delivered my son.

We’re a civilized people and yes we were hurting. But random attacks on muslims in this country just-didn’t-happen on the scale the race peddlers had predicted and secretly hoped.

Tolerance and sensitivity is a two way street and this tactic of donning the cloak of victimhood at the drop of a hat is getting old. And hopefully it’s gonna backfire on them if the jury delivers a not guilty verdict.


Tsofah said...

When these Iman's purposely took the actions on that airplane which intimated they were much like the 9-11 hijackers, THEY violated the civil rights of passengers to feel safe during that flight. If I were some of the passengers, I'd line up to sue them!

Btw, since it is against the law to even pretend to do harm to any of our elected officials, including the President, Cabinet, and heads of the legislative branch -

- why isn't it now against the law to purposely pretend to be hijackers or terrorists on airplanes? (Those with disabilities such as Down's syndrome, Tourette's syndrome, autism, Developmental Delays, etc., would be exempt of course with a letter from a doctor confirming such a disability)

Sigh. I wish I were president sometimes. Or at least head of the FAA

janice said...

How about head of TSA for a while just to get some logical regulations passed......sigh

Yes, these imams knew EXACTLY what they were doing. This law that congress passed in 07 was for this specific case. They should have included law enforment as well.

Malott said...

If it looks like the trial is headed in a bad direction, some brave soul in the court room should stand and start screaming, "FIRE!"

That might get the point across.

Lisa said...

I am VERY happy that the case will go forward. I was thoroughly searched before boarding my flight, and don't see what the big deal is to get them off of theirs if passengers said they wanted it.

Racial profiling isn't good, but in this case it's a must to ensure our safety as Americans! And it's not profiling when there's reason to believe a crime has been committed. In the old days, they called it treason and you were hanged.

janice said...

With all due respect, Lisa, I don't think you understand the case. Do a bit more research, this should NOT be going forward, law enforcement and airline employees were doing their JOB!

And YES, racial, or more correctly religous, profiling is GOOD. It's not a group of Amish or Jews that declared war on America!

Dinah Lord said...

Aw crap. I missed this news item when I was out of commission, Miss J.

Sickening. Once again the jihadis will use our own legal system against us in their bid to establish the caliphate.

Add this to the Obama admin's refusal to call a jihad a jihad anymore and you can see the direction that the leftists appeasers are heading with this.

It's just plain wrong and very discouraging.