Sunday, July 12, 2009

CAIR; Free speech for me but not for thee….

The unindicted terror finance coconspirator, CAIR, believe they succeeded in forcing the cancelation of an ALA conference scheduled to take place this morning in Chicago.

How were they able to do this you ask….well, in all honesty they didn’t, at least not with facts. The tactic employed was half-truths, misquotes and pressure.

Enter Robert Spencer. According to CAIR Robert Spencer is “one of the nation’s leading Islam-bashers”. Spencer has been the target of many a whine-o-gram action alert and CAIR incitement watch. This time was not different, all CAIR needed to do was twist some statements and heavily rely on the dhimmi-factor. And like good little kuffar the ALA caved and canceled the event.

From the email; “We thank all those who stood up for tolerance and mutual understanding to challenge Robert Spencer’s Islamophobic views,” said CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab, who had written to the ALA questioning why an anti-Islam bigot was invited to a panel on dispelling stereotypes about Islam.

“Because stereotyping of Islam is such an important issue, we hope a future panel on this topic can be arranged with credible scholars and representatives of the American Muslim community,” said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad. "We strongly support open and honest discussion of difficult issues, but Mr. Spencer's agenda-driven polemics promote the very stereotypes that the ALA event sought to dispel."

It’s interesting to note that CAIR “would seek to work with the ALA to schedule a future event on the same topic as the canceled panel discussion” and then pimped their share the koran program in the same whine-o-gram.

Want the truth?

Robert Spencer has the weeklong breakdown of this assault to silence free speech (and this push toward dhimmitude) at Jihad Watch.


Tsofah said...

Sometimes being a considerate lady keeps me from speaking my mind as I would like.

This is such a time.

CAIR *&%!$#@!!!

Dinah Lord said...

Looks like CAIR has been up to their old tricks while I was gone.

Sigh. Some thing's never change.

I second Tsofah's emotion.

Hope all is well with you, Miss J! Are you having a good summer?

Tsofah said...

Janice! I wish I had your email!

There is a new movie called "The Third Jihad" and it has several preview areas one can see on it's website. One of those areas has to do with CAIR. When I saw that I thought of you.

The website is

Malott said...

It's been several days since your last post... You are still following the Jihad, right?