Wednesday, July 08, 2009

CAIR; Cynthia McKinney Israeli prisoner 88794

Crayons my nutjob.
Fresh from the Holy Land, anti-Semite, bug-eyed McKinney returns. CAIR useful idiot back on US soil


Malott said...

You have to wonder why so many Blacks are Jew Haters.

Maybe ever since the Holocaust they feel the Jews are trying to steal their "victim thunder"... As if six million dead Jews could compare with 400 years of hard work with no pay.

But Cynthia "Hyperthyroid" McKinney is such an idiot. I just hope she tries it again and goes back to an Israeli Prison for, oh, maybe 2 years... Make Dr King REALLY proud!

janice said...

"Make Dr King REALLY proud!"

I thought the same thing, Chris.

I find it so strange, coming from a Jewish background, the Jews I know embrace the black community.

Though (some) blacks seem to embrace the militant, islamic hate by following Louis Farrakhan and the clerics who prey on black inmates.

It's a "I take no responsibility for my actions and blame Jews and Christians for my pathetic plight and woes" kind of religion that welcomes black "victims" into their hateful flock.

Lisa said...

So that's where she was! I figured she was enjoying some CAIR kickbacks in Fiji :)

I can't believe she's still talking about the Palestinians and crayons and watercolors. They don't want a crayon or paintbrush, they want a freaking slingshot and kalashnikov lady!!

Time to send her back to prison there and this time, add some waterboarding and hard labor....

You hit the nail on the head with the "victim thunder" part Malott.

These Blacks are asking why they didn't get any reparations, and can't understand how a whole country could be dedicated to the Jewish plight. Well maybe if you guys weren't all converting to Islam in prison, and maybe if the highest number of crimes din't come from your population in certain areas of Cleveland, Chicago, and Jacksonville....