Wednesday, July 01, 2009

CAIR asks Obama to intervene, Cynthia McKinney.. being held by the evil Zionists!

Georgia’s resident loon Cynthia McKinney and 20 others, from the (pro-hamas, pro-hezbollah, anti-Israel group) Free Gaza, were caught trying to enter Gaza via Israeli waters and were detained by Israeli forces. Well CAIR was quick to call for Obama to demand her release. She is after all, a former congressman.

Now this isn’t the first time the Capital police officer assaulting former congressman has had a run in (literally) with the IDF. In December McKinney was on the S.S. Dignity, and it collided with an Israeli navy craft that was part of the same blockade as she and her group claimed they were attempting to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza.

A statement from the Israeli Consulate General of Israel in Atlanta said; "Once again, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and her fellow travelers have taken it upon themselves to disregard their own safety... by leading a boat into restricted waters. Ms. McKinney ignored the available and legal means for the delivery of aid to the Gaza Strip and instead chose to make a reckless political stunt."

The Free Gaza movement in America (and the British movement) is an offshoot of a similar organization viva palestina (viva palestina US) and heavily supported by British anti-Zionist, George Galloway.

These anti-Semitic nuts are under a bit of fund-raising scrutiny as the ADL’s Abe Foxman begs the question in an op-ed this past Monday; Raising Funds for Gaza in the US: Crossing a Line?

Galloway is currently in the U.S. on a
three-week-long fundraising drive for Viva Palestina US and is scheduled to make
appearances in at least 12 U.S. cities, including Houston, San Diego, Chicago,
Washington, DC and New York. These fundraising events are being coordinated by
more than 20 anti-Israel and antiwar groups, as well as local Viva Palestina US
chapters that have formed, an indication of the strong support Galloway has
received. Pastors for Peace/the Interreligious Foundation for Community
Organization (IFCO), an interfaith organization based out of New York, is
serving as Viva Palestina US' fiscal sponsor, thus ensuring that donations to
the convoy will be tax deductible.

Under American law, providing
material support to designated terrorist groups, including Hamas, is a crime.
Organizers of Viva Palestina US claim on the group's Web site that the convoy
intends to comply with U.S. law and will give the money to "a reception
committee comprising hospitals, doctors and health professionals, charities and
grassroots NGOs working in Gaza." It is not verifiable that this
"committee" will function independently of the Hamas leadership in Gaza, and
Galloway -- who plans to lead the American convoy -- has already demonstrated
his willingness to directly support Hamas.

So having CAIR come out demanding Giggles get involved with her release ensures their most popular infidel supporter continues to push the CAIR agenda. (WASHINGTON, D.C., 7/1/09) - The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today urged President Obama to demand the release of a former member of the U.S. Congress who was detained yesterday by Israel while trying to bring humanitarian relief to Palestinians under blockade in the Gaza Strip.

Because we all know those poor gazans need weapons humanitarian aid that's being denied by the evil Jews.

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