Saturday, November 19, 2005

Kofi "Don" Annan puts the squeeze on the U.S.

After the "Oil for food scram" you'd think Kofi would want to fade into the shadows. But like any good patriarch he's taking care of business.
With this issue now on the agenda for the UN one can only suppose they ended that pesky little genocide and hunger problem over in Africa. And thank goodness thay put Iran in check and longer seeking nuclear weapons. And it's wonderful to see everyone displaced by the tsunami in Indonesia has a home. NOT!
I pick this nugget from yahoo news,

The renovation, now expected to cost $1.6 billion, has been slowed by political wrangling in the New York State Legislature, which refused to approve one element of the plan. It has also become a popular target for U.N. critics in Congress, who claim the project is emblematic of a bloated bureaucracy.
Louis Reuter, the American who was appointed in June to lead the stalled project, said the price for his new proposal was a good deal — about $411 per square foot, compared to average Manhattan prices of between $550-$650.
"The only thing that has happened to us is time," Reuter told the media after his report was released. "The costs are completely competitive. They're dependable, they're reliable."
Because U.N. member nations will have to pay for the renovation, Reuter's plan must gain approval from the U.N. General Assembly.
But it could face resistance in Congress.
The United States, which pays 22 percent of the U.N. general budget, would have to pick up about $350 million of the renovation.


Stack said...

The UN does a lot of good in the world. The building has not gone thru an overhaul since it was built. Maybe they should call NYC own, "The Donald"

Anonymous said...

wow thats cool if you wanna put god above you family. i put myself above all. what a joke

Anonymous said...

this blog sucks

Anonymous said...

I think the terrorists are just freedom fighters

Nog said...

If the UN wants to renovate, they should not count on the USA for support. What have they done for us lately!!!???