Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Urgent notice, you may have purchased a "holiday" tree. If you're a Christian and plan on celebrating the birth of our Lord you may want to look at the receipt to be certain you didn't get "hood winked". I'm not kidding, next time you're out take a look at the advertisements. Retailers like Lowes, have been selling fresh cut holiday trees in place of the traditional Christmas tree. Why is this a big deal? If you haven't noticed, war has been declared against anything Christian in this country. The incidents are to numerous to list in this post. Basically it comes down to a company covering their derriere. They hire sensitivity trainers to audit their operation and make recommendations. Task one is erasing any sign of Christianity. If retailers want to be "sensitive and inclusive" (which usually means free from the threat of lawsuits by the ACLU) then don't sell any trees! Let's face some basic facts here and address the elephant in the room. It's a pine or spruce decorated with lights and ornaments purchased in December. It's a Christmas tree. You don't call a menorah a candelabra as not to offend non-Jews, right? Being sensitive and inclusive to Jews, muslims and agnostics regarding the sale of a Christmas tree is hypocritical, they're not in the market to purchase a Christmas tree because they don't celebrate Jesus Christ birth, duh!
Christians or celebrants of Christmas are 85% of the population and I'm offended when I see "Fresh Cut Holiday Tree" signs. I am making it a point to visit those retailers and ask them " hey, where do you keep your Christmas trees?" When they show me to their holiday trees I will tell them they are advertising holiday trees and I want a Christmas tree. Obviously they will not get my business and it is my hope the salesman will be embarrassed enough to challenge corporate authority. Will I bring down the evil secularist who want to destroy the religious heritage of the Greatest Nation on Gods Green Earth? No, but maybe the people that I annoy with Merry Christmas salutations and my season long search for a Christmas tree among the holiday trees will be moved to make changes.

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janice said...

I was thinking about this post when I read it this morning and thought.....
If I am offended when I see homosexuals in public displays of affection, I would be called intolerant. But, because I called the decorated spruce in the public square a "Christmas Tree" I am then insensitive. Who, exactly is intolerant here? Now that's what I call hypocricy!