Saturday, November 19, 2005

Definitions to help you

Good day bloggers. Last night I could hardly sleep wondering what I would post today. I had at least 20 different topics to pontificate. As I formed the outline in my head, I began to realize some of the words or phases might be confusing and may prevent you from getting IT. Then it hit me, I can post some definitions to help us understand where the thread is going. So here we go,
Thread - Topic discussions and comments
Blog - it's a WEB LOG
RoP - This is the "Religion of Peace" Islam
Moonbat - Refers to someone sooooo far left they're to the right of the right
Fever Swamp - This is where the moonbats live and breed
AraFish - This is of course the former leader of the palestinians
Turtle Bay Crime Family - None other than the UN secretary general and his cohorts
This should be enough to get us started. Have a great day and don't forget to visit our ads!

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