Saturday, June 14, 2008

CAIR; keeping the ummah apprised of their rights!

Here we go again, just in time for the summer travel season! CAIR, the unindicted terror coconspirator, felt it was time to agitate the ummah by informing them that their rights are being violated.

The current issue involves TSA body scanners placed at several US airports. CAIR believes these body scanners reveal intimate body parts to screeners and as we’ve all been beaten over the head told, islam is not only the religion of peace but of modesty as well.

The CAIR whine-o-gram informs the ummah of their right to refuse and “In the meantime, it is important that you know that you have the option to request a pat-down by a security officer of your gender in a private room instead of going through the body-scanning machine.”

You see, the American government has only one responsibility, to keep us safe. But in our in the current politically correct atmosphere the likelihood that a muslim, especially one in full islamic garb, would actually be selected by TSA for additional scrutiny is very unlikely. My second generation Italian husband has been selected for additional screening since 9/11 as Ahmed and Mohammad walk on by to pick up their shoes.

The democrats keep telling us we’re hated around the world. So I propose we take the last few steps to complete global loathing and adopt the Israeli airport security techniques. No nation is more hated than Israel and the safest airline in the world is El Al.

Lets go for it!


Anonymous said...

quote from you post "You see, the American government has only one responsibility, to keep us safe"..

what a joke, American government has kept you more safe by attacking Afghanistan and creating more hatred for you Americans and your children to come, by attacking Iraq and creating more hatred for Americans and your children.

By installing screening the government has you fooled or just taking away one more freedom that you HAD.

What kind of freedom are you fighting for, one where you increase hatred around the world and second where you have to show you body in order to access different areas of your own country.

America the land of freedom, freedom that don't exit, and if it did ever exist then after the wars its failed to win will no long exist. God save America

janice said...

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but muslims hated America long before both theaters of war.

Remember, you guys declared war on America when you took hostages in iran, bombed our marines in Beirut, blew up the Khobar Towers, planted a truck bomb under the World Trade Center, rammed an explosive laden boat into our USS Cole and to top it off you flew planes into and brought down the twin towers, our Pentagon and Pennsylvania.

So, who started the hate? Who's religion is nothing but hate? Who's "holy" book teaches to hate, lie and murder? That would be islam.

Thanks for stopping by abd have a great day!

janice said...

And one more thing UK bloggin' coward, if you (and the ummah) hate the west so much why don't you put on your long white night-shirts, slap that yamika rip-off on your head and crawl back to what ever back-ass-wards country you came from.

It's easy to live in the comfort of the UK (and every other civilized nation you happen upon) living on the government dole, reproducing like rabbits and demanding WE change to accommodate you and your evil beliefs!

You love our freedoms so much you want to eliminate them? Makes no sense! Asshat!

Weekends Off said...

These body scanners were all over the news last week, I think they have them at DFW now. The idea of being scanned doesn't really bother me so much, but the pat down reminds me of jail (bad food, smelly hookers and no men)

I think I'd rather just drive LOL.

janice said...

WE, "reminds me of jail (bad food, smelly hookers and no men)" the pat-down does sound like the "in the joint series!

And yes, DFW is one of the airports with these scanners.