Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CAIR in Mecca

CAIR, the unindicted terror coconspirators, announced in a Friday whine-o-gram that a few members took part in an interfaith dialogue meeting in the holy city of Mecca. This initiative, by Saudi King Abdullah, plans to bring together adherents of “other monotheistic faiths”. However, preparing the islamic world for this fairytale groundbreaking venture is proving a hard sell to the terrorist among them.

In a speech kicking off the conference, King Abdullah called to “get muslims on the same page” before launching this landmark endeavor, urging reconciliation between sunni and shiite. But the goodwill ended when participants were seated. Iranian politician Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, seated to the left of Abdullah, spoke warmly of his host, highlighting the political divide between their nations delivering pointed criticism of America. He accused “the U.S. of greedily trying to control the region's oil and said Muslims should resist it.”

This is a wonderful idea, in theory. Getting all these muslims to agree on the time of day is difficult enough without throwing Jews and Christians into the mix. What I can’t figure out is CAIR’s role in this assembly of extremists. The whine-o-gram reveals very little regarding the forum and highlights attendees Larry Shaw (NC state assemblyman -D) and CAIR’s co-founder Nihad Awad.

This statement from the CAIR email; “Conference attendees are discussing the legitimacy, objectives, themes, and methodology of interfaith dialogue from an Islamic perspective, in preparation for expanded outreach to other faith groups”, on it’s surface seems like a genuine gesture towards peace. I may be cynical but this sounds like a strategic mission statement for the islamic warriors worldwide.


SkyePuppy said...

This reminds me too much of when the Democrats talk about being "bi-partisan." What they really mean is that they want all the Republicans to come on over to their side, but the Democrats aren't about to budge on anything one bit.

Yes, this initiative looks like secret code for, "Let's get them all together and convince them to accept dhimmitude."

Dinah Lord said...

Who the hell is this Larry Shaw character and what the hell is he doing cozying up with these Islamothugs???