Saturday, April 05, 2008

CAIR Bears, The Movie

This video was shamelessly lifted from my twinsters blog, Dinah Lord.

It's a catchy little tune and I think Vermont Teddy Bears may consider adding these cute bears to their catalog. Though I'm not a teddy bear collector there are a few I would purchase. My favorites include the burka bear, the arafish (my pet name for yasser arafat) and the club gitmo bear. Check out The Rude News line-up of SICOS bears.

Do you have any favs?

(hat tip to The Rude News)


SkyePuppy said...

That's so great!

janice said...

I thought it was too, Skye.

Do you have any favorites from the bear line-up?

Dinah Lord said...

How funny is this? I've been singing "ain't gonna follow no child molester..." all morning.

The W bear is my fave. Along with Gitmo bear and Abu Ghraib bear...although I loved how they made the Abu Hamza Bear not only with a hook they also gave him a cloudy eye. [snort]