Wednesday, February 14, 2007

So much for that global warming thing Mr. Gore...

As I monitor the "winter storm watch" from the my palatial estate in the path of this inconvenient weather, me and my crack staffer take a much needed break this evening. The poor guy could only stand in awe of Mother Nature. Perhaps he'll "go" in the morning, if he can wait.... Here's the "You Heard it Here" deck-o-meter. Hershey dare not try the steps today, it's thru the garage if we want to make it to the yard.
The view from my bedroom looking at the deck through the flakes of white stuff we call snow.

The view from my family room. This should help insulate and keep me warm. The snow is about 6 inches above the window which is about 6 inches from the ground. When I was in school that equates to 12 inches. I'll never sell my house if this keeps up, you can hardly see the "for sale" yard sign in the foreground.

Here's Christopher's car in the street this morning after he came home from work. He had to shovel the drive before he could pull in because he couldn't find the drive.

Much better, but not for long. Some school boys looking to make some money this afternoon had to re-shovel the drive that had 4 more inches by 2:00pm.

This was at the height of the blizzard that paid NEO a quick visit this morning. The tracks in my neighbors drive were covered by the time the entrepreneurial schoolboys came to take advantage of the Mother Natures gift.

This is northeast Ohio, we're used to this kind of weather. It reminds me of the winters of my youth, and I love it!


Anonymous said...

Jan...There is'nt nearly that much snow in C-bus, only about 4-5". Beleive it or not, the city comes to a virtual crawl, people down here don't know how to drive. Yesterday, when the "blizzard" hit (all 4" of it)it took me about an hour and a half to get to work from the apartment. Normally, it is a twenty minute drive. Hopefully we'll have the snow you love for Christmas, but it will not be what us NEO'ers are used to!
Can't wait for you to be here, Happy Valentines Day hon!

janice said...

Thank you "Neek"

I can't wait to be in our Obetz home and monitor the weather from the new corporate home of "You Heard it Here."

Love you, miss you...
Happy Valentines Day!

Christina said...


Your deck (and yard and driveway) looks just like mine! I measured the snow on the deck yesterday and came up with 16 inches, with drifts higher. Now of course, it has snowed all night and is still snowing pretty heavily with 3-6 more inches expected. Even though I'm used to a lot of snow here...enough already!

janice said...

I would have to agree with you Christina. Anymore and Hershey will need snow shoes to go outside.

We have sunny skies with 8 degrees. But the weather people say don't get used to it.

Malott said...

My back is killing me from shoveling a few hundred pounds of snow, salt, and ice.

But I'm dug out! Until the wind returns. Ugh.

SkyePuppy said...

But, I thought the groundhog didn't see his shadow!!! Did they lie about that? Is the groundhog an imposter?

What's the world coming to, when global warming slips you a humongous snowstorm out of malicious glee and the groundhog can no longer be trusted?

(Though I can't say I feel your pain...)