Monday, February 12, 2007

Alone again, but only for 10 more days!

At 7 o'clock last night Nick step outside to warm up his Jeep. I pulled the frozen meals out and packed them for travel. Bread, check. Cereal, check. New shoes (purchased at my mother-in-laws for 30% off), check, check, check and check (Nick got 4 pair and I got 2). Hershey sits in the foyer as if to say "don't forget about me." I top off the travel mug with coffee and walk to the door where the last of his belongings are waiting to be put in the truck. I kiss his cheek and tell him to be careful, call me when you get there. He hugs me tight and promises to drive slow. One last kiss and I close the storm door so Hershey doesn't decide at the last second he wants to go too. One last wave as I follow his taillights to the end of the street and I lock the door. What to do now? Fold clothes or clean the bathroom? I have to get back into 1 hour mode just in case someone wants to view the house. Perhaps I'll check my email, write a new post, I have the time now. Should I finish watching Mythbusters on the History Channel? Maybe I'll wash these coffee cups and ready the machine for the morning, only 6 cups, I'm alone again.

We'll only have to repeat this scene one more time before we have a place to call home. Next weekend will be the last time I'll say a silent prayer for his safety as he heads off into the night. We sign our closing papers on the 22nd and take possession on the 24th. Ten more days and this will be over and a new journey will begin. I want to start making the Obetz house our home. I can't wait to prepare dinner in that huge kitchen. I want to furniture shop, picking out a guest bedroom set, entertainment center and eating area Bistro table and chairs. We also have to purchase a new washer, even though the sellers plan to leave their set, there's a Laundromat in Columbus missing washer number 4 and I have it in the basement of my new house. I'm sure it'll do until we find the local Lowes or Home Depot, washing only our jeans and towels, maybe a few flannel or sweat shirts. I can't put anything delicate in if I want it to come out and not look like it was washed on a rock in Alum Creek. (check a map or Google it)

I fell asleep around midnight after I washed my family room blankets. Sleeping on the couch isn't doing my back or the couch any good. I hate sleeping alone in the bed. I could let Hershey sleep with me during the week, but it'll only make it more difficult for him to sleep in his own bed during the weekend. For now I continue to make my bed in the family room, until I'm no longer alone.

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